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 14.10.2014 Wtorek

Polish All Souls Service Of Homage And Remembrance, Newark Polish Military Cemetery, October 26th, 2014

This years event will take place at Newark Cemetery , commencing at 2.45pm. Arrangements for the event have been made by the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee, led by Mr Richard Kornicki, son of the famous wartime fighter pilot Franciszek Kornicki. Richard has been assisted locally by a British police officer, Inspector Simon Elmer, who has previously been awarded the Pro Memoria medal for his work with the Polish veterans' community in the East Midlands.

Simon told East Midlands Po Polsku " 2014 is a deeply significant year because it is the 70th Anniversary of the Battles for Monte Cassino, Falaise, of the Warsaw Uprising and of the roles played by the Polish Army, Navy and Air Force in the fight for freedom. Over 400 Polish personnel rest in Newark cemetery and we welcome all members of the community , Polish and British, to pay their respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice"

Simon continued " However, it us important to remember thus is a solemn ceremony. Significant distress was caused at last year's event by some people firing flares, displaying football banners , climbing on the memorial cross and shouting slogans whilst visitors were quietly respecting the graves. Using fireworks in public places is both dangerous and against British law, and officers from Newark Police will be present this year. Similarly the types of behaviour described are not correct for a military cemetery and would not happen at similar events in Poland. We hope these incidents will not be repeated this year , and that those fans attending will dress suitably to honour those who died for our freedom. Our aim is to make this year's , and future All Souls events , a positive opportunity for people of all ages to come together to commemorate and reflect in a peaceful , respectful and dignified atmosphere"

 30.06.2014 Poniedziałek

The Signpost to Polish Success

SPS was established in 2005 to support the New Arrivals from Eastern Europe – mainly Polish migrants - after the EU enlargement in 2004.
SPS was initially a community group, in November 2008 it became a charity.
SPS’ services work towards the integration of Eastern Europeans, in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.
SPS is here to support migrants in the process of their settling in, easing their integration, representing their interests and speaking on their behalf, also enabling other local organisations and institutions to access this hard to reach community.

SPS service provision consists of:
1. English language courses on Monday evenings.
2. Every Tuesday evening we have a Polish/English Language Cafe at our offices.
3. 1-2-1 information/signposting sessions – our support includes:
- completing and understanding official forms and documents,
- registering with schools and GPs
- support in cases of discrimination or hate crime,
- translating letters from schools,
- helping with bills, council tax,
There is a large demand for this 4 days per week service, therefore we employed a second advisor. Last year we delivered approx. 1850 sessions.
4. Publication of “East Midlands po Polsku” (The East Midlands in Polish), a free monthly Polish newspaper, containing information about local life and events. We inform our readership about issues relevant to the Polish community across the East Midlands. Our readership exceeds 15 000. We have published EMpP since 2007.
Administration of Our website receives 50,000 hits a year. Facebook - EMpP Facebook profile is followed by more than 2,000 people.
5. SPS recruits volunteers and offers a number of volunteering opportunities.
6. Organising meetings, social gatherings and events like workshops, presentations, developing a sense of community and working towards community cohesion, which have helped the newcomers develop a better understanding of the host society as well as nourishing friendships amongst the new arrivals and a more positive attitude towards the society in which they now live.
In August 2009 SPS organised FestiWal 2009 – A Community Festival With A Polish Flavour,, this was the first free festival celebrating Polish and other cultures in Nottingham. 3000 plus people came to enjoy our event, celebrating diverse Nottingham.
In 2011 we organised The Polish Art Show and a wider Festival of Polish Culture. It was the first exhibition in Nottingham reflecting the complex cultural presence of Polish migrants who arrived in the UK post World War II.
In 2013-14, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have worked on the Polish Heritage in the East Midlands project which aims to gather the memories of Polish people who have settled in the UK. In April/May 2014 we organised Our History – Our Story exhibition in the Central Library in Nottingham which was attended by approx. 1500 people
7. This year we are running an Eastern European outreach project which aims to work with all Eastern European communities living in Nottingham.

The Signpost to Polish Success (SPS), Tennyson, Unit B, Forest Road West,
Nottingham NG7 4EP
Tel. No: 01159700442, 01159700446, 01159781396
Facebook: East Midlands po Polsku

Please come along and visit us.

 21.05.2014 Środa


Interview with Zbyszek Luczynski

Interview with Chris Kozlowski

Interview with Emilia Nowicki

Interview with Irena Sparham

Interview with Kowalska Irena

Interview with Lucyna Parker

Interview with Wanda Szuwalska

Interview with Juliusz Szolin

Interview with Teresa Raynor and Andrew Raynor-Zielinski

Interview with Jarosz Józef

Interview with June Hawkridge

 19.05.2014 Poniedziałek

Marta Górnicka Workshop

DATE/TIME: Wed 28 May (10am – 3pm)
VENUE: College Street Arts Centre
PRICE: £10
WHAT IS IT? Participatory training
RUNNING TIME: 4hrs including a 30 min break
BOOKING INFO: Call 0115 9419419 to book
Marta Go´rnicka will be running a workshop for neat14 on Wednesday 28th May from 10am – 3pm. The workshop is open to all – male, female, all ages, people with professional performance backgrounds and people with no stage or performance experience at all. Places for this event are very limited. Please call 0115 9419419 to book. The workshop will take place at College Street Arts Centre, with participants meeting at Nottingham Playhouse Box Office at 10am.

The workshop: elements of training of the Chorus Theater by Marta Gornicka
1. Preparation for working with the body & voice – conditions for static work.
2. Working with energetic breathing.
3. Sound. Working with directed sound in a body.
4. Articulation of the sound in speech.
5. Emotions and voice.
6. Working with a text.
7. Working with a score.

 08.01.2014 Środa


The project aims to gather the memories of Polish people who settled in the UK as a result of various immigrant waves.

We encourage people to participate in the project who:
- would like to share their memories and experiences of settling in the UK, e.g. first impressions regarding life in a foreign country,
- possess interesting documents and memorable items, relating to their first years in the UK, would like to share them with the local community or to pass them on to the local archives in Nottingham or Leicester through The Signpost to Polish Success, a Nottingham based charity,
- would like to create an exhibition showcasing their memories and memorable items. The exhibition will take place in March/April 2014 in Nottingham City Library,
- have the time and the desire to participate in workshops for adults and young people during which they can discuss the question of the Polish heritage in the East Midlands during especially arranged meetings at local schools and museums.

If you are interested in and enthusiastic about history and like talking to people – then you are the right person to take part in our cultural heritage project. When you join our team:
- you will gain valuable experience in professional interviewing and recording,
- you will improve your skills, taking part in training on how to use professional recording equipment,
- you will have the opportunity to organise the heritage exhibition and other related events,
- you will meet interesting people, you will make contact with the local Polish community,
- you will experience an unforgettable adventure among creative people,
- you will work with the Polish charity The Signpost to Polish Success,
- your travelling expenses will be reimbursed.

If you have any questions related to the project please write to the e-mail address:

 09.07.2013 Wtorek

Decipher Group

Decipher Group invites you to join us for the preview of our exhibition on Tuesday 8th October from 6-8pm at the Surface Gallery, 16 Southwell Rd, City Centre, Nottingham, NG1 1DL.

The Surface Gallery is proud to present ‘D E C I P H E R’, an exhibition featuring the work of five artists from various social, geographical and religious backgrounds. Each artist has been required to provide a written text from their cultural context in exchange for another artist, whose identity is foreign to their own. From this exchange, Luya Wang from China, Ellis Sharpe of Eastern European Jewish descent, Ernest Pujol from Barcelona, Ela Ward from Israel and Melanie-Jane Jakubson of English-Polish descent, unfold a cultural dialogue amongst their practices.

The provider of the text places their heritage and history in a vulnerable position, allowing an ‘outsider’ to re-evaluate and interrogate their background and beliefs. The purpose behind this exchange is to prompt unexpected associations through their personal, culturally-inherited filters of understanding. ‘D E C I P H E R’ acts as an exercise of empathy, surrendering to a foreign identity as a conscious and respectful attempt at comprehending an unfamiliar culture. The exhibition launches on the 8th October and will showcase the work that the artists have produced in response to the experiment.

The exhibition will be running from the 8th - 19th October.

Visitor information: -

 09.07.2013 Wtorek

Rugby – sport and friendship

In the break of the football season I would like to present and recommend the sport which is not that much known but is worth to be presented as the way of spending your free time playing or watching. The sport I want to present you is the woman rugby. Three players (Sarah, Billie and Emily) which were representing Stoneygate RFC from Leicester in the last season would like to tell us a bit about the game, atmosphere and the world around woman rugby

By Artur Sobczak

 25.06.2013 Wtorek

‘Observation’ (2012) Anna Makolski

Mixed media installation, dimensions variable

British born Anna Makolski with Polish-Italian descent exhibits a mixed media installation called ‘Observation’ at the Fine Art Degree show at Trent University (2013). The space is vastly large but not quite empty. The sound of passing footsteps could be close to deafening, if not to pay attention.
A square glass box perfectly umbrellas a terracotta floor tile. The form, minimal and simplistic, almost ‘invisible’. The object is small and transparent in contrast with the space. It could be deceiving to the eye and perhaps unnoticeable on first approach. A viewer could question the way in which the audience interacts with the work, the object of concern silently awaits acknowledgment.
On closer interaction of the glass form, a floor tile is false. A reproduction on card, mesmerizing on discovery. In the far right corner, a square piece of glass sitting perfectly upright as if waiting to be noticed. There seems to be a clever play on the ‘relationship’ between the two materials. Reflections of subtle light with irony take a dominant role, almost drowning the objects in a moment of time.
On further inspection on interaction, it could be a provocation for the viewer to want to view the objects from a distance. Perhaps something can be discovered through careful observation. The walls, white and harsh, the floor so clean it could be disturbing. A double plug socket arrives in focus. A thin layer of paper mimics one of the sockets. It is almost perfect, a double. A small surprise or perhaps a clever find. It takes a little patience and thought from the viewer. Perhaps the artist’s intention is to make the viewer look more vigorously at the object of concern. The careful eye in context with the interaction of activity almost become a product of the work.

Sculpture and a fragment of installation

‘Some Great Device’ (2012) Chloe Pas

Melanie Jakubson: Chloe, tell me about your work.
Chloe Pas: It’s a cast of a VCR player out of resin. I’m frustrated by technology, it keeps changing. I want to remind the audience that these objects existed.
MJ: Why is the work transparent?
CP: It’s a replication, I wanted to display the work like in a museum.
MJ: Where do you want to take this work?
CP: I want to shake my finger at people and say ‘How dare you use ‘I phones’ it’s fickle.
MJ: Tell me about your Polish family?
CP: My grandfather died when I was 5. He was a prisoner of war, and worked as a Farmer in West Poland. He survived and came to England. He spoke Polish and German.
MJ: What would you like to do now?
CP: I would like a studio and to paint.

 04.02.2013 Poniedziałek

Opportunities at Nottinghamshire Police

Opportunities to work for the police were the focus of a special event held at the Signpost to Polish Success Community Centre, Radford Nottingham on Thursday 24 January.

Members of the Polish Community had the opportunity to meet with Police Officers and staff and talk about what it is like to work for Nottinghamshire Police.

The event at the Community Centre is part of a series of recruitment awareness events held by Nottinghamshire Police to particularly encourage people from communities that are under-represented in the force to apply for upcoming job opportunities.

These Awareness events focus on:
- Why Positive Action is important
- The importance of representing the communities we serve
- The day to day job as Police Constable
- Progression opportunities
- Staff network support
- The recruitment process
- Support in preparation and throughout the process.

Don’t worry; if you missed this event; Nottinghamshire Police will be will holding a further two events in February:
Monday 18 February, 5pm- 7pm
Venue: Mansfield Civic Centre, Chesterfield Road

Tuesday 19 February, 5pm- 7pm
Venue: Bassetlaw Community Voluntary Service, The Old Abbey School, Priorswell Road

Assistant Chief Officer (Resources) Margaret Monckton said: “It’s crucial that our organisation truly represents the diverse communities we serve. It is right that we actively encourage people from minority groups to consider joining the force and I hope we will see high levels of interest.” Of course, all applicants need to have the right skills and attributes to do the jobs we advertise. It’s up to us, though, to demonstrate the breadth of opportunity that the force can offer, whether it is as a serving police officer or as a member of our police staff.
“These events are designed to generate that initial interest in a career with the force. We will have staff and officers at each session to talk about the work they do and to answer questions about the recruitment and application process, and the support we can offer to all applicants.”

Join us to make Nottinghamshire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Both events are ‘drop-in’ sessions, for more information, go online at

 19.09.2012 Środa

Information Office

“THE SIGNPOST TO POLISH SUCCESS” Information Office opening hours :
Monday: 12.30 -17.30
Tuesday: 11.30 -17.30
Wednesday: 12.00 -17.00
Thursday: 9.30 -14.30
Additional information on 01159700446

Address SPS:
Tennyson, Unit B
Forest Road West, Nottingham, NG7 4EP

Our opening hours are subject to change due to staff training and meetings.

 27.06.2012 Środa

Nottingham Trent University Fine Art Degree Show 2012

A private view took place at the Nottingham Trent University on June 1st 2012 for the Fine Art Degree Show. The third year students have reached the end of their course and are showing there final work for the degree show. As an artist I was interested in going along to interview some of the up and coming Contemporary artists here in the East Midlands today. I ask myself, What is really making artists tick in today’s world of Contemporary art? Through interviewing a handful of artists, I quickly came to the conclusion that perhaps we are all human after all and it could be that we like, want or are drawn to simular things in life.

By Melanie-Jane Jakubson

 10.05.2012 Czwartek

Information Office

“THE SIGNPOST TO POLISH SUCCESS” Information Office opening hours :
Monday: 12.30 -17.30
Tuesday: 11.30 -18.00
Wednesday: 12.00 -17.00
Thursday: 9.30 -14.30
Additional information on 01159700446

Address SPS:
Tennyson, Unit B
Forest Road West, Nottingham, NG7 4EP

Our opening hours are subject to change due to staff training and meetings.

 01.05.2012 Wtorek

Become a trustee of SPS

Charities are led by a Board of Trustees, who are the people responsible for ensuring that a charity complies with all necessary rules and legal obligations and has a clear strategy.
Trusteeship is a great way to make a significant difference to a charity.
Becoming an effective and inspiring trustee is a journey and a great challenge.
As a trustee you could help a charity improve people`s lives.
Being a trustee can also build your social contacts, broaden your CV experience or get you involved in something completely new.

 09.11.2011 Piątek

Photos From the Opening

of The Polish Art Show


 09.11.2011 Piątek

The opening of the Polish Art Show
3 - 30.11.2011

On Thursday 3rd of November 2011 7pm - 9pm the opening of the Polish Art Show takes place in the Nottingham Central Library.

The Signpost To Polish Success     27 April 2010

The Signpost To Polish Success

SPS was established in 2005 to support the New Arrivals from Eastern Europe – mainly Polish migrants - after the EU enlargement in 2004.

SPS was initially a community group, in November 2008 it became a charity.

We are based in Tennyson on Forest Rd West, a prestigious conversion of a long derelict property carried out by NDC.

Find Us

SPS’ services aim to enable a more effective integration into British society of Eastern European, mostly Polish migrants, in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands.

SPS service provision consists of:

  1. English language courses – we also teach citizenship and local knowledge so our learners understand more about the local society in which they now live and make a contribution;
    Our courses are accredited; we are a member of Enable.
    We currently run 2 classes, one on Monday evenings and one on Tuesday evenings and we are at the moment preparing our learners for exams.
    See Photos
    English Lessons

    English Tutor - Delia 
  2. 2.1-2-1 information/signposting sessions – our support extends through help with
    • completing and understanding a wide variety of official forms and documents,
    • registering with schools and GPs
    • support in cases of discrimination or hate crime,
    • translating letters from schools,
    • helping with bills, council tax,;
    In January 2010 alone we held 220 sessions. Thanks to the BIG Lottery grant our office is now open 5 days per week whereas previously it used to be open only one day per week.
  3. Publication of “East Midlands po Polsku”, translated as “the East Midlands in Polish” – a Polish monthly newspaper which aims to inform about local life;
    Read More
    The newspaper was launched in March 2007, initially it was entitled “Nottingham po Polsku”, then - in response to the reception given to the newsletter, it was enlarged and renamed “East Midlands po Polsku” (the East Midlands in Polish).

    East Midlands po Polsku

    Go to archive file

    The newsletter aims to inform new arrivals about local issues, such as the need to register with local councils and how to vote, the British education system: Primary, Secondary Schools and Further Education Colleges, British Health Care, the British Budget and Tax Codes. Our newsletter is now an established and eagerly awaited publication that over time has come to play an important part in the lives of Eastern European migrants in the East Midlands. We receive comments from our service users such as: "In my place of work we all read "East Midlands po Polsku" on our breaks". The estimated readership is 10 000, The Polish Consulate in Manchester prints our newspaper and distributes it at its premises.
  4. Administration of; since June 2009 we have our own website, in January alone this website was visited over 20 thousand times.
  5. Organising meetings, social gathering, events, developing a sense of community and working towards community cohesion. We succeed in organising our social activities thanks to the commitment of our volunteers. We have, for example, organised the trips around Nottingham, Derbyshire, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, London.
    Read More
    Our social activities contribute to the creation of a sense of community amongst the recently arrived migrants. They have contributed towards the newcomers developing a better understanding of the host society, assisted in their integration and encouraged positive interactions with the host population as well as nourishing friendships amongst the new arrivals, generated a sense of community spirit and as a consequence a more positive attitude towards the society in which they now live.
  6. In August 2009 SPS organised FestiWal 2009 – A Community festival with a Polish Flavour, It was the first free festival celebrating Polish and other cultures in Nottingham.
    Read More
    The Polish Government has designated 2009 the year of promotion of Polish culture in the UK and we decided to promote the culture of the new arrivals and celebrate diverse and cosmopolitan Nottingham by organising our FESTIWAL 2009.

    A Community festival with a Polish Flavour

    See Photo Gallery

    The weather on the day could have been better but still we can state with confidence that the festival was a huge success. We estimate that we had 1000 people at the period of peak attendance and 3000 people attending throughout the day.
    Festival DVD. The initial funding for the festival came from the Polish Parliament, then local funding providers supported us (see leaflets for more info). The Festival was a success because many organisations and people came together and forged working partnerships. We worked closely with a Polish NGO Semper Polonia, Nottingham City Council, the Polish Consulate, Chilled Produce, Asian Arts Council, New Art Exchange, Refugee Forum, Nottinghamshire Police, Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership, NHS, REC and the Commission for Equality and Human Rights. We also involved a large number of volunteers in the preparation of the festival and on the day.

We have 3 full time employees: a Project Co-ordinator, an Information and Advice Project Worker and an Outreach and Development Project Worker, one part-time ESOL tutor, a committee consisting of 7 members and a core group of invaluable volunteers.
We have an established relationship with the Polish General Consul in London and Manchester, which means that we can provide our group users with first hand information that is important to them as Polish nationals living in the UK.
Members of our group have been invited to join several committees, advisory groups and attend meetings.
We were able to start delivering our services in 2006 thanks to the funding we received from NDC and NCF.
In the second year of our existence SPS received further funding (Awards for All, NDC, NCF, Enable) which enabled us to provide an enhanced level of service provision.
Our ESOL courses became accredited and the information provision developed.
Throughout this period SPS had nurtured the further growth of a sense of a community amongst the new arrivals.

Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales Nottingham City Council

Copyright © East Midlands po Polsku 2009

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